Sovereign Citizens Ridin Dirty (with Frank)

June 22nd, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with "Frank" about his history of driving without a valid driver's license and fighting the legal system when arrested for it.

Frank did things like refusing to be booked after being pulled over and arrested, protesting with hunger strikes while in jail and using convoluted legal filings to manipulate the court system in his favor. One court appearance even resulted in the FBI visiting him at his home!  


Special FFA Mini Episode! (with Phantom Avesta, Lil Chafe & Cleva Thoughts)

June 20th, 2019

This is a special release mini episode of the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast! 

In this episode you will hear a song from Baltimore, MD rappers Phantom Avesta, Lil Chafe & Cleva Thoughts that was inspired by a past episode of the Filter Free Amerika podcast! 

Teaching English & Buying Sex In Indonesia (with Bo Gella)

June 18th, 2019

In this wild episode, Joey is joined by comedian Bo Gella.

Bo traveled to Indonesia after an injury sidelined his aspirations of becoming a pro-wrestler and he had a lifetime's worth of adventures in just a few years living there.

Bo tells Joey about all of his experiences and they include things like prostitution, racism, Australian police impersonations, drugs, sex, murder for hire, Pastafarianism and....DICK PUNCHING! 

My Heroin Addiction Story (with John Jewell)

June 13th, 2019

In this episode, Joey is joined by recovering heroin addict John Jewell. John tell his story of first becoming addicted to opioid pain killers and then rapidly turning to intravenous heroin use. 

As John's life became focused on drugs, he also became homeless and part of his story story is detailing how he survived in the streets of the Twin Cities while being addicted. 

Arrests, overdoses, recovery and relapse, John shares it all in the emotional and filterless look at addiction. 


Porcupines Poking Parts in Parking Lots (with “Clair”)

June 8th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks to "Clair" about her adulterous affair with a married man we will be referring to as, Mr. X.

Clair was also married at the time so this episode is dripping in drama and scandal! Clair also details how both her and Mr. X's marriages ended and how her new relationship with Mr. X ended in her cheating on him and Mr. X stalking her after she tried to move on.

Plot twist, Mr. X is a Twin Cities area Libertarian figurehead and based on Clair's story, he has a very questionable definition of liberty.

Heads up, lots of descriptive sex talk and adult humor in this one!  

Im an Illegal Immigrant (with “Maria”)

May 22nd, 2019
In this episode Joey left the safe confines of the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast studio to meet this episodes guest Maria, at an undisclosed location somewhere in Minnesota. 
Maria and her family, "illegally" entered the United States in an attempt to start a new life. 
She tells Joey about the events that lead up to her family leaving Mexico, the struggles involved in crossing the boarder and how she made a life here in the United States.  
Included in her story are some incredible experiences like getting caught in the middle of a Narco Terrorist attack on a hotel and living in gang invested neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles when she first arrived in the US. 

I’m Being Cyber Stalked By A Stripper (with DeeJay St. Joel)

May 21st, 2019

The guest this episode is professional DJ and Rapper, DeeJay St. Joel.

Joel is a returning guest to the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast and fallout his first appearance is in, the reason he is back. In his previous 2011 appearance, he and Joey talked about his work as a DJ and focused mainly on his work specifically as a Strip Club DJ.

Now years later, a woman who worked as a dancer at strip clubs with him is stalking him and his family online, making horrific claims about him and has even referenced his first FFA appearance in her claims! 

Joel was defiantly willing to come back on the show and publicly address this woman's claims and set the record straight. Joel goes into great detail about her claims and all the drama she has created for him and many the other strip clubs she has worked at and then later made claims about too. Joel of course also talks about his current DJ work and his newest album release titled, 'Gypsy Cobra'

Cop That Got Fired (with Brandon Bergeron)

May 15th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with former cop and now Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school owner and instructor Brandon Bergeron. Brandon has a unique perspective about law enforcement because he was fired from the job in part, for lack of aggression

Brandon tells Joey about why he became a cop, his training and of course why he was terminated. They also discuss problems they both see with law enforcement, exchange ideas for improvement and debate use of force. Brandon also shares some of his first hand experiences as cop and seeing other cops use questionable and outright unconstitutional tactics

Also in this episode a sample of standup comedy from Comedian Tom Simmons curtesy of 800 Pound Gorilla Records

Link to Brandon's BBJ School website

Link for more info on the new Tom Simmons album


I Drive A City Bus (with Barb)

May 12th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with "Barb" a city bus driver in Minneapolis. "Barb" shares her story why she became a bus driver, her training and some of the interesting experiences she has had, and of course Joey asks about sex on the bus

Part of the conversation discusses the dangers involved for bus drivers and Joey shares his story of saving a bus drive who was getting attacked by a passenger.

Near the end of the conversation "Barb" drops her philosophy for dealing with drama on the bus and is definitely one we can all use in all aspects of life. 

I Woke Up In Jail, Then I Got Sent To Prison (with Nick Rod)

May 7th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with Musician Nick Rod. Nick shares all the details of a night out with a friend at a strip club, that end with him blacking out, committing a serious crime and waking up in the jail the next day with no memory of what he did.

His crime sent him to prison and he also shares what prison life was like for him and he talks about how he even attempted escaping and was actually on the run for 8 months!

Nick's NEW YouTube channel

Nick on ReverbNation