Travel Stories of an International Fighter (with Kaitlin Rose Young)

April 11th, 2019

In this episode Joey is joined by Muay Thai Kickboxer and MMA fighter, Kaitlin Rose Young.  Kaitlin is ranked #1 in her weight class in the US and is a top 10 ranked Muay Thai kickboxer in the world. She has travel all over the globe kicking butt and in doing so has had many interesting experiences that she shares. Everything from playing with dingos in Australia, to having a BBQ's with Russian gangsters! There is even a fun story about a miscommunication between her and a Japanese masseuse 

I’m A Bitcoin Baller (with Collin LaHay)

April 2nd, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with Collin LaHay, a Venture Capitalist and full-time Day Trader who made BIG MONEY in Bitcoin. Collin tries his best to dumb it down for Joey as he tells his story of learning about Bitcoin and then building wealth with it. They also talk a little financial conspiracy and what Colin sees coming in the financial future 

Growing Up Poor (with “Bigfoot”)

March 26th, 2019

No, Bigfoot is NOT really the guest on this episode. The guest wanted to remain anonymous because part of the conversation deals with a horrific rape/molestation incident that happened to his sister. We had to use some kind of name for the title, so why not Bigfoot? 

Anyway, Bigfoot joins Joey and they talk about the shared experience of growing up poor in America. They talk about the struggles and the good times too. Near the end of the episode the conversation takes the dark and emotional turn previously mentioned and you will hear Bigfoot become a little overwhelmed as he relives the memories of what happened to his sister. A truly powerful episode that also has plenty of laughs too. 

I’m A Freemason (with “Nikolai Zeppa”)

March 19th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with his friend, fellow podcaster and Freemason "Nikolai Zeppa." Nikolai tells joey about how he first discovered his family's connection to Freemasonry and educates him more on what it is. Of course as most episodes do, the conversation wanders to related other topics too. 

To lear more about the 'Stationary Astronauts' podcast and more about all that Nikolai does, visit his website. 

I Can Kick Your Head Off (with Troy ‘Trouble’ Jones)

March 5th, 2019

In this episode Joey is joined by Troy 'Trouble' Jones, the #1 Ranked US Welterweight Muay Thai fighter! 

Troy tells Joey about how he became a #1 ranked fighter in less than 6 years of training in Muay Thai. Details about his training, his biggest wins and a little about his plans after fighting. 

Im a Conspiracy Theorist & Here’s Why (with Trever ‘Trez’ Mala)

March 1st, 2019

You've been asking for a conspiracy themed episode so here you go! 

The guest this episode is comedian, conspiracy theorist, and host of the 'Think Stopper' podcast, Trever 'Trez' Mala. Trez and Joey talk about their conspiracy roots and why they both feel people have very good reason to consider more than the explanations we are told to accept. Also, Trez works part time as tour guide at the Hoover Dam and shares some cool info and stories about that as well.

All that and more in this stuffed with conspiracy episode of the Filter Free Amerika podcast

My Daughter’s Adoption Story (with Chad Juettner)

February 20th, 2019

Comedian Chad Juettner is the guest this episode and he tells the story of his daughter's adoption from China. Chad tells Joey about all the steps involved in adopting a child from China as wells as sharing details of the trip to go get her.

Chad's daughter was also born with a major heart defect and he also shares details about her condition and how doctors saved her life.  

A Sneek Peek of My New Album for FFA Listeners Only (with Joey Vincent)

February 5th, 2019

This is not a regular episode of the Filter Free Amerika podcast.

This is a sneak peek of Joey Vincent's new stand up comedy album 'Neck Tattoos & GED's Or: The Secret to My Suck-cess'.  You will get to hear 2 tracks of the album! 

Go order it on iTunes, Apple Music & Google Play NOW!

A direct link to the album on iTunes is available on the FFA website. 

My Life with Multiple Sclerosis (with Colleen Justice)

February 4th, 2019
In this episode Joey talks to comedian Colleen Justice about her life with Multiple Sclerosis. She tells him her story starting with her diagnosis at age 23 and how it has affected her life into her 40's.
Many interesting facts about M.S. and some funny stories about living with it.
   Then before they were done talking, the conversation turned to her and her oldest child who was born with physical birth defects that caused him to need lifetime care. 
Colleen shares some powerful stories related to her son that should make every listener take inventory of themselves as people. 


FFA “Classic Episode” (with John Conroy)

January 28th, 2019

In this episode Joey interviews comedian John Conroy about his struggles with alcoholism. John is a very open and honest about his struggles and misadventures with drinking and provides an eye-opening look at how powerful alcohol addiction can be.

You will also get to hear a few tracks off his debut album, "White People Can Do Whatever They Want" 

This is a "classic" FFA episode that was originally released in 2014


Visit John's website for an up-to-date schedule of where he will be performing next.