I’m Being Cyber Stalked By A Stripper (with DeeJay St. Joel)

May 21st, 2019

The guest this episode is professional DJ and Rapper, DeeJay St. Joel.

Joel is a returning guest to the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast and fallout his first appearance is in, the reason he is back. In his previous 2011 appearance, he and Joey talked about his work as a DJ and focused mainly on his work specifically as a Strip Club DJ.

Now years later, a woman who worked as a dancer at strip clubs with him is stalking him and his family online, making horrific claims about him and has even referenced his first FFA appearance in her claims! 

Joel was defiantly willing to come back on the show and publicly address this woman's claims and set the record straight. Joel goes into great detail about her claims and all the drama she has created for him and many the other strip clubs she has worked at and then later made claims about too. Joel of course also talks about his current DJ work and his newest album release titled, 'Gypsy Cobra'

I Was A Cop That Got Fired (with Brandon Bergeron)

May 15th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with former cop and now Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school owner and instructor Brandon Bergeron. Brandon has a unique perspective about law enforcement because he was fired from the job in part, for lack of aggression

Brandon tells Joey about why he became a cop, his training and of course why he was terminated. They also discuss problems they both see with law enforcement, exchange ideas for improvement and debate use of force. Brandon also shares some of his first hand experiences as cop and seeing other cops use questionable and outright unconstitutional tactics

Also in this episode a sample of standup comedy from Comedian Tom Simmons curtesy of 800 Pound Gorilla Records

Link to Brandon's BBJ School website


Link for more info on the new Tom Simmons album


I Drive A City Bus (with Barb)

May 12th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with "Barb" a city bus driver in Minneapolis. "Barb" shares her story why she became a bus driver, her training and some of the interesting experiences she has had, and of course Joey asks about sex on the bus

Part of the conversation discusses the dangers involved for bus drivers and Joey shares his story of saving a bus drive who was getting attacked by a passenger.

Near the end of the conversation "Barb" drops her philosophy for dealing with drama on the bus and is definitely one we can all use in all aspects of life. 


I Woke Up In Jail, Then I Got Sent To Prison (with Nick Rod)

May 7th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with Musician Nick Rod. Nick shares all the details of a night out with a friend at a strip club, that end with him blacking out, committing a serious crime and waking up in the jail the next day with no memory of what he did.

His crime sent him to prison and he also shares what prison life was like for him and he talks about how he even attempted escaping and was actually on the run for 8 months!

Nick's NEW YouTube channel


Nick on ReverbNation 



I Was Sodomized By Convicted Sex Offender, David Logsdon (with Ariana & Victoria)

May 3rd, 2019
Before streaming or downloading this episode, understand it contains VERY GRAPHIC DESCRIPIONS of SEXUAL CRIME! 
This episode is a double interview with two amazingly brave women, Ariana & Victoria. Both women are victims of and still being tormented by, former cop and now convicted sex offender, David Logsdon.  
Logsdon only served about a week of a 15 year sentence and was released to home detention literally hours after his final sentencing.
Link to relate news story story


I’m An Immigrant From Kenya (with Moses Onyangure)

April 30th, 2019

In this episode Joey is joined by Moses Onyangure. Moses tells Joey about his life in Kenya until age 16 and then details his immigration story.

They also talk about things like the British colonization of Kenya, the problems with Kenyas current government and the conspiracy theory suggesting former US President Obama was born in Kenya. The conversation takes a deep turn and they discuss the state of race relation from a Kenyan perspective, and some of his views might surprise you.

They end the conversation with Moses discussing his fear of snakes, snakes in Kenya and he shares a wild Kenyan myth about magic snakes too! 


Life with Functional Movement Disorder (with Joe Tanner)

April 27th, 2019

In this episode Twin Cities comedian Joe Tanner joins Joey to tell him about his life with Functional Movement Disorder. Joe explains what it is, how it affects the human body and how it has personally altered his life. Their conversation is a candid look into a somewhat controversial neurological disorder that has doctors still debating it's cause. 

Click this link to watch a YouTube video of Joe having a FMD related episode



Travel Stories of an International Fighter (with Kaitlin Rose Young)

April 11th, 2019

In this episode Joey is joined by Muay Thai Kickboxer and MMA fighter, Kaitlin Rose Young.  Kaitlin is ranked #1 in her weight class in the US and is a top 10 ranked Muay Thai kickboxer in the world. She has travel all over the globe kicking butt and in doing so has had many interesting experiences that she shares. Everything from playing with dingos in Australia, to having a BBQ's with Russian gangsters! There is even a fun story about a miscommunication between her and a Japanese masseuse




I’m A Bitcoin Baller (with Collin LaHay)

April 2nd, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with Collin LaHay, a Venture Capitalist and full-time Day Trader who made BIG MONEY in Bitcoin. Collin tries his best to dumb it down for Joey as he tells his story of learning about Bitcoin and then building wealth with it. They also talk a little financial conspiracy and what Colin sees coming in the financial future



Growing Up Poor (with “Bigfoot”)

March 26th, 2019

No, Bigfoot is NOT really the guest on this episode. The guest wanted to remain anonymous because part of the conversation deals with a horrific rape/molestation incident that happened to his sister. We had to use some kind of name for the title, so why not Bigfoot? 

Anyway, Bigfoot joins Joey and they talk about the shared experience of growing up poor in America. They talk about the struggles and the good times too. Near the end of the episode the conversation takes the dark and emotional turn previously mentioned and you will hear Bigfoot become a little overwhelmed as he relives the memories of what happened to his sister. A truly powerful episode that also has plenty of laughs too.