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Comedian Joey Vincent talks with interesting, accomplished and sometimes weird people about a wide variety of topics. Expect a few dirty words, and sometimes a little dark and crude humor too.

The Lies and Stolen Valor of Shawn Culbertson (with John Tole)

August 12th, 2019

This episode is both an interview and a study of a flawed man who was caught is a huge lie.

The guest is a man named Shawn Culbertson who lied about his military service record and rank, his education and so much more prior to the original recording of this episode. Once exposed, this episode was pulled, but now we're rereleasing it with the story of the exposure of his lies. 

In this episode, Culbertson will claim to be a US ARMY Ranger, a wounded war veteran and many other things, but those are LIES. 

Also in this episode joey is joined by guest co-host John Tole