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Comedian Joey Vincent talks with interesting, accomplished and sometimes weird people about a wide variety of topics. Expect a few dirty words, and sometimes a little dark and crude humor too.

The Comedy Origin Story of Comedian Robert Baril (with Robert Baril)

November 6th, 2019

In this episode Joey talks with his friend, comedian and regular contributor to the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast, Robert Baril.

Joey interviews Robert to discover his comedy roots and share his path to standup comedy with the world. Robert talks about his hometown, family and fist steps into entertainment. He shares about his work as a substitute teacher and his fetish for beautiful grandmothers

You will also get to hear a sample track from Robert's 2nd album 'TMI' that was released on StandUp Records and is available via all the streaming outlets. 

Link To Robert's Album 'TMI'