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Comedian Joey Vincent talks with interesting, accomplished and sometimes weird people about a wide variety of topics. Expect a few dirty words, and sometimes a little dark and crude humor too.

Comedian Robert Baril, Listener Mail & Lifetime Fitness Pee Jugs (with Robert Baril)

July 8th, 2019

Antifa, Pee and Robert Baril makes three!

Heads up, this is a slightly different type of FFA episode!

The first half is Joey responding to listener emails and he shares his story about a jug of pee at his gym, Lifetime Fitness in Plymouth, MN

The second half of this episode is a conversation between Joey and Comedian Robert Baril.
They talk about Antifa and recent violent protests and the condition of US politics and is really to blame.
Joey also shares his experience of running into to Antifa members at a Black Lives Matter protests and how they almost beat him up.